What to expect from weed detox

by flossdaily on November 5, 2012

There is no such thing as a good drug. All drugs have some type of negative effect on the body no matter how minor the symptoms. People who smoke marijuana often says it is a mild sedative, it helps them to concentrate or it does not harm their body. This simply is not true. It can take weeks or months for the active chemical ingredient thc inside marijuana to deactivate itself. The chemical hides out inside the fat body cells and even after months of none use smokers still feel the effects of the drug.

A full THC detox program is the best way to clean the body of toxins. It is probably the most sobering experience marijuana users will ever have. Some people experience physical or mental withdrawal symptoms and changes in their mood. Abrupt use of the drug can and do affect people in different ways. Marijuana use has caused hundreds of people to lose their job or not get hired for a job. Employers can and do ask prospective employees to take a drug test. Fasting or not eating does not eradicate the drug from the system it only intensifies it. The marijuana detox procedure can last a very long time. It really depends on how long the abuse as been going on and how much of the drug is stored away in the body.

When users are detoxing from weed there are several physical changes they will experience. The first symptom is insomnia or restlessness. Lack of sleep, or not being able to sleep can last for at least a few months. Depression, nightmares and life like dreams usually follows the pattern. These dreams can last for up to a month and then they will eventually disappear. Anger is the last noticeable stage of marijuana withdrawal. The emotional displays can be mild to severe. Some people experience a burning rage, anger outbursts, unpredictable mood swings; such as laughing, crying, depression, anger and fear. These symptoms seem to last the longest with a lack of concentration being evident during the first seven to 39 days. Taking hot baths, drinking plenty of liquids, eliminating fat foods and exercising are proven methods to help deal with the symptoms of detoxing from weed.

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