Tips on how to detox marijuana

by flossdaily on December 21, 2012

marijuana useMarijuana can be a psychologically addictive drug and many people have to depend on it to continue to feel great about their lives. Some people may try to get rid of their addiction, but most feel very hard to do so since detoxing marijuana from your system means they have to suffer from a lot of withdrawal symptoms. If you want to get back your normal life, you should learn how to cope with THC detox symptoms and stop being dependent on the drug forever.

First, you have to know that it takes a lot of time to get marijuana out of your system. Unlike any other drugs such as alcohol or prescription drugs, marijuana contains THC, an active substance which will be stored in your fat cells and won’t easily come out. Even if you stop using marijuana now, it may takes months and months before the drug traits are cleaned from your system.

Many people have to go through a living hell dealing with the withdrawal symptoms that marijuana detoxing has on them. Some common symptoms include insomnia, depression, nightmares, and changing moods.

If you have to take a drug test, you should know that it is best not to go on a crash diet in an attempt to get the drug out of your system. It will only make the situation worse. Eating less than usual, or go on a weight loss diet produces the same effect: give you a positive reading.

Many people may experience unbearable headaches that can last from a few days to a few months. People also experience frustration, eating problems, sweating and a lot of other physical and mental issues when they try to quit marijuana.

In an attempt to reduce the withdrawal symptoms, you should try to lead a healthy lifestyle. You should have hot steaming baths to help ease the headache as well as body pain. Drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice will also help a lot in purifying your body. If you are unable to sleep, you should not drink coffee or other caffeine substances. Exercising will help you reduce depression and other unpleasant symptoms.

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