THC detox drinks: facts and limitations

by flossdaily on November 21, 2012

Do you have a drug test at your job? Do you like your job and not want to have to choose between recreational fun, harming nobody and your way of living? Fear not because the right knowledge and the right THC detox drink can help you over come your fears of facing the dreaded doctor.

As far as quitting smoking, yes it is a great idea and probably your best course of action. Letting the body naturally detox itself is fool proof, but a sometimes grueling and long process. It might not happen over night but your body is the great cleanser and equalizer.

If you know you have a test scheduled, quit for a while until the test is over. Drink plenty of fluids up until the test. Exercise may or may not be of any use – THC gets stored in your fat cells and would be released when you burn the calories. If you quit smoking the withdrawal symptoms are minor if any. Focus on the good and disregard the bad.

Make sure you find a THC detox drink that has lots of electrolytes and b-vitamins as well as sodium and potassium. Most drinks also contain some sort of diuretic to help make you pee. Follow the instructions completely and carefully. A slight miscalculation could mean the difference between passing and failing. Above all else you can test yourself at home to make sure you are ready to do and feeling sure of yourself when going in for the test.

Of course you could do the substitution method, but that could be messy and finding a suitable person could be hard. Then there’s the hassle of having it appear as a fresh sample. I recommend instead doing your research into available brands of detox drinks for THC drug tests. It’s the simplest and most complete method to receiving a fool-proofed passing grade on your drug test. Keep in mind that those drinks may or may not work for other tests such as saliva, hair, and blood for THC, and may or may not work for other drugs which are being tested for.

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