Secrets to quick THC detox

by flossdaily on November 1, 2012

Quick Detox
Drug testing is becoming more and more prevalent today, especially among independent companies and government agencies. The job market it tough, so employers want to be sure that they are hiring the most dependable, drug free applicants. Marijuana is arguably the most commonly used drug in the world, and one of the easiest to test for.

There are many ways that people try to rid their system of any trace of marijuana to pass a THC drug test. Urine drug testing, or urinalysis, is the most popular way to test people for traces of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Unfortunately most of the ideas out there are not based on fact and do not work to pass a drug test. Some of the most common myths are drinking a lot of water, drinking cranberry juice, using someone else’s urine, or using vitamin B supplements. However, the only way to pass a drug test is through a full THC detox.

Detoxing is the process of ridding the body of toxins that have built up over a period of time. Detoxification takes place during the first few days or more commonly the first few weeks of beginning the process. THC is the active chemical in marijuana and it is stored in the fat cells, which is why other methods such as drinking a certain amount of liquid doesn’t work. The only sure way to pass a drug test is by going through a detox.

There are lots of detox products that you can purchase online. These can be quite effective for someone looking to pass a drug test that they know is coming. If you choose to go this route, make sure you do your research and look through lots of reviews about the product before you buy it. These products require time, so they are not the best thing to use as a “quick fix”. The most effective detox with one of the products would require at least ten days just to be sure.

If you are truly serious about not only passing a drug test but quitting for good, there are support groups similar to Alcoholics Anonymous that offer tips and support for someone who has resolved to be drug free. These groups can help greatly with a detox. There will be psychological and physical effects on the body and having other group members and/or family members can help you stick to your resolution.

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