Quick weed detox tips for employer drug tests

by flossdaily on November 21, 2012

Many people who are exposed to marijuana need to get quick THC detox due to their employer. The stakes in a drug test can be very high. If there is a positive result, most employers will terminate the employee immediately with no possibility of appeal. In many career areas such as the transportation industry, a single positive result could make it very difficult to ever regain employment in the profession. It is very important for employees in all fields to pass a drug test for marijuana. Those who are exposed to second-hand smoke as well as those who smoke weed are in danger of losing their job when a drug test sample is requested. That is why marijuana detox is needed.

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Upon finding out that a drug test is imminent, it is important to abstain from ingesting more marijuana. The idea is to reduce the amount of THC that is present in the blood. If the amount of THC is below the test’s threshold for a positive test, then the person being tested will report a negative result even if there is some THC. Unfortunately, the process to get rid of the THC is very time consuming. It is necessary to engage in exercise to sweat the toxins out of the body. Spending a lot of time in the sauna will help as well. It will take a couple of weeks to get enough THC out of the system to pass a blood test for marijuana.

There is a much easier and quicker way that doesn’t require strenuous exercise. The other way of detoxing from weed is to use a natural marijuana detox product. This will enable the body to get rid of the THC a lot faster. The best products will get rid of the THC from blood, urine, and saliva quickly. Heavy users, which include those who use weed four or more times per week regularly, will want to use the best product since there is a lot of THC that needs to be removed quickly in order to pass an employment drug test. With the stakes of the drug test so high, it is worth it for smokers and second-hand smokers to use the best THC detox product out there.

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