All Natural THC Detoxification Tips

by flossdaily on November 6, 2012

THC detoxification is a tricky subject. Many have claimed to use goldenseal, while others claim dilution is still the best method. The truth of the matter is that, naturally speaking, you can’t truly do a THC detox by any other method than – slow, natural detoxification. That isn’t to say that you can’t pass your upcoming drug test with flying colors, even if you are a regular user of Cannibis.

The standard rule of thumb is that you must show to have significantly less THC cannabinoids than the current level allows in the human body. The THC molecules are stored and subsequently released from your fat cells. The THC gets processed through the usual channels, by filtration via the kidneys. Think about a drip constantly and slowly dripping THC into a coffee cup? What do you think would happen if you regularly and frequently overflowed that cup as it had THC drip into it?

The result is the dilution method: simply drink enough liquids, and the amount of THC present in your urine sample should be less than the standard acceptible limit imposed by the United States Government. Problem with this method is just that – they can tell that you diluted your urine and may make you take the test over again. Have no fear though, because if you know how to THC detox truthfully, you won’t ever have a problem again.

First things first, you should consume lots of electrolyte liquids. That means sports drinks. You want high sodium and high potassium content. This gives your urine some “body” to it. Second, take a B-vitamin supplement. Might as well get the complex – this turns your urine yellow the next time you urinate. Third, eat red meat – or take a creatine monohydrate supplement. Creatine is present in our bodies but can show up on the tests on the low side, possibly raising concern but is actually of none to be considered. Most people maintain creatine levels fairly easily.

The last thing to have is time. If you have the time, refrain for a few days and let your body do the “natural THC detox”. Drink plenty of liquids, don’t bother trying to exercise or over think it. Just get an at-home test and follow the tips outlined above and you should be OK when it comes to your next drug test. Good luck!

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