How to get marijuana out of your system fast

by flossdaily on December 13, 2012

marijuana fast timesIf you have been taking marijuana for a long time, you should know that letting that type of toxin build up in your system is not a good idea. You have to know that depending on any type of drug is not good, and the sooner you get rid of your drug addiction, the better. However, getting rid of marijuana is not an easy process. Just like with any other addictive drugs, marijuana will bring about withdrawal symptoms once you stop using it. If you want to stop depending on marijuana and get back to your normal life, you should be determined and persistent.

Since marijuana contains THC, a very active substance that is stored in your fat cells, getting rid of all the traits of marijuana is a long term process. You should not expect to become clean only after a few weeks. If you are to take a drug test soon, you should learn how to accelerate things and make the THC detox process happen fast. You should not, however, attempt to try a strict diet or even fast in hope of getting the substance out of your system. Fasting will only quickly release THC into your blood and produce even a worse result.

Some people may not experience anything at all when they quit this drug, but most other people will have to go through a lot. Some common withdrawal symptoms include nausea, depression, insomnia, changing moods, anger, nightmares, loss of appetite, change in sex drive and headaches. You may not experience all those symptoms, but having one of them is enough trouble for you. These symptoms may last for only a few days, to a few weeks or even months. No matter how much you hate it, these symptoms are part of the recovery process, and you have to learn how to deal with them.

If you want to get rid of THC faster, you should try to exercise a lot. Exercising will help increase your metabolic rate and thereby help turn over the fat cells quicker. Together with good exercise, you should have a balanced – diet, drink lots of water, take vitamin B and aspirins at the same time.

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