Detox drinks for weed

by flossdaily on December 15, 2012

detox drinksTo detox is letting your body get rid of the toxins that might have accumulated in your body usually after having used them for some time. Usually, detoxing happens after someone has had a clean mind or basically after sobering up. It takes place too when someone decides to face the reality of life.

The use of marijuana can be quite addictive and its detoxing might have side effects. There are both physical and emotional effects that are likely to be registered. The effects are registered due to the THT detox chemical substance; always present in the marijuana and stored in the fat cells, making it stay longer within the blood stream.

It is advisable hence that after detoxification, one should neither fast nor have a crash diet as it releases this chemical substance into the blood stream and therefore in case a drug test is carried out, the results will be positive.

Detoxing comes along with various symptoms: one might have insomnia; depression is also one of the symptoms, nightmares, anger, headache and the shaking of the whole body.

Much as these symptoms could be severe, there is a way that one can make them mild. The mild detoxing symptoms therefore include: taking a hot soaking bath, taking drinks that detoxifies weed such as water that should be taken in plenty, exercising; exercise reduces the effect of detoxing marijuana, in fact, exercise increases sweating and sweating is crucial in making the symptoms mild and avoid the intake of caffeine. The patient should also as much as possible avoid and possibly eliminate fat.

Addictive behaviors are never a good idea. On the other hand, once they are eliminated, there could still arise cases of finding it hard to completely do away with them. The other point of worry is, once they are eliminated, how one will tolerate its consequences. Marijuana is an addictive drug, once one decides to do away with it, he or she should also be thinking of detoxifying the body system. The effects accompanied by the process should therefore be embraced positively as there still exist ways of making them less severe.

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